One year into Russia’s war with Ukraine marks a few global trends particularly salient. Roshchin offers a snapshot of trends that may have important repercussions for a collective security system. The first is the determination that the EU, the UK, US, and other countries demonstrated in countering Russia’s invasion with a series of collective sanctions. Second, as much the West showed the unity of action, so little was achieved in coalition building with the Global South. Third, the West seems reluctant to theorise a possible transition to a different political regime in Russia. The reluctance is obviously dictated by a nuclear factor to the detriment of the democratic peace argument. Fourth, a part of Russian opposition that tries to conceive of democratic transition formulates a vision premised on the dissolution of the existing political entity, which in itself is a road to a greater instability. Finally, Roshchin argues a solution to the current security crisis might consists in the reform of global institutions.

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