Constitution Project

A series of bold experiments in constitution-making around the world demonstrated the demand for new approaches to constitutionalism. New innovative constitutional projects are aimed at enshrining new rights and promoting new principles for the manifestation of the constituent power of the people.

This project, elaborated by the team of Institute of Global Reconstitution (in cooperation with Timur Artemev and other colleagues) began with an endeavor to propose a new political constitution for Russia – a vision of the future that would open a path forward beyond the current fixation on the country’s past. Articulating alternative ways of uniting citizens and regions into a non-dominating political union, it devises a system of “mixed government” embedded in Russia's historical context and offers a new vision of federation that gives the people a critical role in governing their country.

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Greg Yudin

IGRec co-founder, political philosopher. Researcher and author of many academic papers on democratic theory and public opinion. Author of Public Opinion, or the Power of Numbers (European University at St. Petersburg Press 2020)

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Sameer A. Khan

Evgeny Roshchin

Author of “Friendship among Nations” (MUP 2017); researcher in social concepts of international politics and academic freedom; former head of School of politics and IR at RANEPA St Petersburg

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Artemy Magun

Philosopher, author of “Negative Revolution” (Bloomsbury 2013) and of many articles including “Hysterical Machiavellianism, or the International Non-Relation” (“Theory and Event,” 19:3, 2016) and editor of the journal “Stasis.” Executive director of the Institute for Global Reconstitution.

Institute for



The ongoing war in Ukraine is a symptom of a large-scale political crisis that has both regional and global dimensions. The prevailing expertise and scholarship on Russia largely failed to see the exact scale of the crisis coming, let alone to avert it. It failed to realize, most importantly, how the dangerous tendencies within Russia are interrelated with major global challenges. The Institute for Global Reconstitution (IGRec) is a research initiative that pursues a theory-minded, historical, and imaginative scholarship aimed to fully understand the reasons of the crisis and to reconstitute: imagine a new political architectonic that would allow to overcome it.

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