April 7, 2024

Global Polycrisis: the World on the Brink of Environmental Catastrophes

IGRec fellow researcher Angelina Davydova gives a talk on the current polycrisis with a focus on environmental degradation and possible political and artistic strategies.


about the event

The global polycrisis, the scale and complexity of which is unprecedented, is a set of interrelated environmental, economic and social threats that jeopardize the very existence of humanity and the stability of our planet. What can each of us do to solve these problems and what role can contemporary art play in this process? These questions will be addressed by an environmental journalist and IGRec research fellow Angelina Davydova who has observed the UN climate negotiations since 2008.

The talk is online and will be held in Russian.

Start: 11:00 CET

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Photo by

Brot für die Welt

Angelina Davydova

Environmental and climate journalist, climate projects coordinator with the Dialogue for Understanding e. V (Berlin), editor of the magazine “Environment and Rights”, expert of the Ukraine War Environmental Consequences Work Group, councillor of the World Future Council, observer of the UN climate negotiations (UNFCCC) since 2008.

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