February 27, 2024

The War in Europe and New Political Visions

Two years after the start of full-scale war in Ukraine, IGRec members and invited guests discuss the way it changes European political reality and relates to new global challenges


about the event

Two years after Russia started its full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine, it is clear that there is no easy ending to it. Hopes have been dashed that the folly simply fails and things get back to normal. It becomes evident that in this war a set of global crises, a true “polycrisis”, manifested its cruel face, and restoring peace is unlikely without reimagining the global future.

Far from being a local conflict, this war is meant to send international order into freefall.  The war has exposed the deep discontent of the masses in both Global South and Global North with the current international system, the colossal inequality it generates and the failed promises of liberal democracy. At another, planetary level, it embodies the struggle over the fate of the green transition and the attitude to nature.

This discussion invites to consider the war in Ukraine as a major global challenge conditioned by and aggravating other equally vital challenges of global security, climate change, civic engagement, and media in the age of polarization.

The event signals the start of a new initiative, the Institute for Global Reconstitution (IGRec), an academic think-tank aimed at developing a new vision for the key political perils of our day and proposing new solutions for the policymakers, the academia, and the general public. Motivated by the ongoing war in Europe, the Institute will gather an international team to reimagine the politics of Eastern Europe and beyond.


Roundtable and discussion with IGRec members and invited guests*.

Boris Buden (philosopher and cultural theorist)

Artemy Magun (political philosopher, IGRec)

Oxana Timofeeva (philosopher and writer, IGRec, Chto Delat´ artist group)

Volodymyr Ischenko (sociologist, FU Berlin, tbc)

Greg Yudin (sociologist and political theorist, IGRec, Princeton University)

*The final list of speakers is to be confirmed.

The panel discussion will be held in English. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for an informal conversation over drinks and snacks.


February, 27th, 19:00-21:00


TAZ kantine
Berlin, Friedrichstraße 21


Photo by

Greg Yudin

Philosopher, researcher in theory of democracy and public opinion

Photo by

Artemy Magun

Philosopher, author of “Negative Revolution” (Bloomsbury 2013) and of many articles including “Hysterical Machiavellianism, or the International Non-Relation” (“Theory and Event,” 19:3, 2016) and editor of the journal “Stasis.” Executive director of the Institute for Global Reconstitution.

Photo by

Oxana Timofeeva

Author of “Solar Politics” (Polity 2022), “How to Love a Homeland” (Kayfa ta, 2020), “History of Animals” (Bloomsbury 2018), “This is not That” (in Russian, Ivan Limbakh Publishing House, 2022), “Introduction to the Erotic Philosophy of Georges Bataille” (in Russian, New Literary Observer, 2009), and other writings.

Photo by

Sameer A. Khan

Evgeny Roshchin

Author of “Friendship among Nations” (MUP 2017); researcher in social concepts of international politics and academic freedom; former head of School of politics and IR at RANEPA St Petersburg

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